Shirking Our Duty

I understand why the United States wants to get out of being the worlds’ policeman. It’s a thankless job and costs us American lives, not to mention equipment and consumables, and often we end up being hated by those we tried to help.

On the other hand, we have shown ourselves to be diligent and even-handed referees in the electronic arena. Our stewardship of the Global Positioning System is an example. At considerable effort and expense we maintain the satellites and ground stations which seem to indispensable to just about everyone.

Similarly, for almost twenty years we have managed the Internet to keep it politically neutral. Our current President disagrees. So, last year, he said we were tossing the ball over the fence. Apparently, see this WSJ article titled “Halfway to Wrecking the Internet”, we still haven’t figured out who is going to catch it nor do we seem very concerned. (Even Bill Clinton disagrees with this action.)

Do you want North Korea and Iran—not to mention Russia—making Internet policy which may extend to your Internet use? Me neither.