Book Review: Departure Day by Samuel L. Scheib (Three Stars)

Book Review: Departure Day by Samuel L. Scheib

(Three Stars out of Five)

A gripping post-apocalyptic tale with two story lines: one coincident with The Peak (about … now), after which human population and culture crashed, the other a thousand years later as a man born in the shadow of the desert structure built by the first group searches for answers.

The storytelling is good and the plot development sensible, with one glaring exception: when faced with the certainty of death almost all the characters accept it. No anger, no bargaining, not much fighting it. Doesn’t ring true.

My other quibble is that the stories end so abruptly. People at both ends of the time line depart, hence the title, but the reader feels little closure. I realize this is how follow-on books are marketed. It still spoils the fun.

I liked it, but I could have liked it a lot more.