Book Review: Edges by Linda Nagata (five stars)

Edges // Linda Nagata

Book Review: Edges (Inverted Frontier #1) by Linda Nagata

(five stars)

“You still don’t trust me, do you?” “In the madness of these hours I don’t trust myself.”

Written proof that hard science fiction can be engaging. While Nagata posits many advances in bio-electronics and -mechanics, she sticks to physics as we know it: no faster-than-light travel, artificial gravity by centrifugal force (with the concomitant side effects), and no replicators or transporters. IGWS, no light sabers. The only planets fit for colonization are sterile. (Think about it.)

“She arose, staggering a little against the unaccustomed angular force of the rotating deck. A poor simulation of gravity.”

Nagata draws the reader into a story which started elsewhere (in the Nanotech Succession series) but Continue reading