“Between the Devil and the Deep Sea”

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“Between the Devil and the Deep Sea”*

Americans must decide, do we want a president who is crazy or corrupt?

Those who tout Trump’s business acumen and frankness ignore his sleaze. Those who tout Clinton’s resume and experience ignore her chronic lying.

Partisans of each side recognize the mote in the other’s eye but overlook the plank in the eye of their candidate.

And both candidates will raise your taxes … even you who don’t think you pay taxes.

* The expression dates from 1637. Western civilization is no stranger to such a dilemma.

Why Wait Until November?

We can hold the election next week. Everyone knows more than they want to know about both Clinton and Trump. Few will change their minds. We’ll just blow through billions of dollars and a Sirocco of hot air between now and November.

Nothing will change, except our distaste for the process. People exclaim how important this election is. They’re all important. This time neither candidate is fit to be dog catcher, let alone president.

Presidents don’t save nations, much less bring universal peace or prosperity. They lead us, but even more they reflect us. Perhaps the candidates are so divisive because we’re so flawed and divided.