Book Review: Silver by Linda Nagata (four stars)

Book Review: Silver (Inverted Frontier #2) by Linda Nagata

(four stars)

“And it was still raining . . . that astounding phenomenon of frigid water dripping uncontrolled out of the sky.”

Continues the superlative character and plot development started in Edges.

“All morning the wind had blown hard—a strange and frightening phenomenon, like a hull breach draining the atmosphere of the world.”

Turns classic science fiction on its head. Instead of projecting earth-bound into deep space, Silver brings humans who know nothing but deep space onto the earth-like surface of a very un-earth-like planet.

“Has the north-south rotation ceased?” The Astronomer responded with a look of distaste. “It is utterly impossible for the structure of any world to absorb such an abrupt change in momentum.”

If authors and publishers have a dream beyond starting a never-ending series (à la Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time monstrosity), it is Continue reading