Net Neutrality Versus Net Neutering

A few days ago I mentioned that net neutrality, though good, may unintentionally kill the Internet. According to a Wall Street Journal, that’s already happening. What I called a “better, un-neutral alternative,” most people call “apps.”

Apps don’t act like websites. They are the purview of few controlling vendors—Apple, Google, et al.—who reap fortunes from the sales of and sales through apps. Unlike the web, the apps are “controlled by centralized gatekeepers,” writes Christopher Mims.

They work faster, easier and in near real time, so we love them. But they may be the death knell for the openness we all enjoyed the last decade.

Apparently the web isn’t so much in danger of being legislated away as dying of natural causes. The better mouse trap may be aimed at us–certainly at our wallets.

How will depending on apps affect your world?