“It’s True”

I may be the only person in America who has watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens … only once. (lots of zeros and lots of multiples) I repaired that recently, as I watched the video. One thing stood out (which younger viewers might miss): The business with Han Solo telling the next generation of the story, “It’s true.”

Believe it or not, that made me think of the Holocaust. Many in our culture treat it as a myth. Now that the survivors and–even more significantly–the liberators are dying, we lack that force of having eye witnesses to tell us, “It’s true.” (I had the honor of knowing one of the liberators, Forrest Robinson, who recently died in Winfield, KS. . Read more in The Liberators by Michael Hirsh.)

The genius of Dwight Eisenhower, then supreme allied commander, was to go to the site, knowing the press would follow and document it. Even then he knew there would be deniers.

Despite that, many deny it. Folks talk about climate change deniers; what does denying the holocaust say about them … and us?

It’s true.