Book Review: The Veil by Blake K. Healy (Five Stars)

Book Review: The Veil: An invitation to the Unseen Realm by Blake K. Healy (Five Stars)

Seeing in the Spirit is all but worthless if you can’t hear the voice of God.

This book was “written by a Christian targeted at Christian about a Christian topic.” It will make little sense to non-Christians and even many Christians. An experiential-based discussion of Healy’s gift and how it offers a closer walk with God for those who seek it.

Knowing who God says you are is just as important as knowing who God is.

Purely on the level of communication, this book surpasses ninety percent of Christian theology and literature. Even non-believers will understand most of what Healy is saying even if they don’t think as he does.

You need the voice of the Holy Spirit in your life for everything. Without it anything can be twisted, but with it anything can be redeemed.

He includes several chapters on practical aspects of obtaining seeing and dealing with blockages, and closes with a helpful appendix of biblical references, but his decision to keep his text conversational increases the potential that the reader will understand and receive his message.

Seeing isn’t a privilege; it’s your destiny.