Putin’s War

Of course Russia is complicit in the MH17 attack. You think the separatists had SAMs in their garages? Separatists claim, “It’s a provocation conjured up by the Ukrainian authorities in Kiev.

“This is a war which Putin singlehandedly has started, supported, armed. It’s his thugs who pulled the trigger … and he’s pretending it’s the fault of the Ukrainians,” said Charles Krauthammer, “and the president is unwilling to say the truth, which, in fact, his own U.N. ambassador had said. He’s relying on the Europeans, who … never act on anything unless they’re led by the U.S.”

Putin has (inadvertently perhaps) pushed his invasion of Ukraine to a new level, and we sit on our hands.

Putin 1: Obama 0

What should we do? Hold Putin responsible. He’s not our friend; he’s not interested in peace in Ukraine, Syria or Iran. He’s growing a new Russian empire. If we’re not willing to stop him, at least we shouldn’t be giving him a “bye.”