Movie Review: Finding Dory, directed by Andrew Stanton. Four Stars

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Movie Review: Finding Dory, directed by Andrew Stanton.

Four Stars

Another home run. Pixar creates both a backstory and a future for Dory from information–occasionally minor details–of Finding Nemo. Much the same feel with a slight improvement in Pixar’s already awesome computer graphics. Many of the familiar themes of family and friendship and helping strangers. There’s an “aaah” moment about steadfast parental love. (Can’t tell without spoiling it.)

Formulaic? Yes, it’s formulaic, but it’s a very good formula and they do it very well. (Don’t read the Wikipedia synopsis: it tells too much and has factual errors.)

Showing note: the computer glitched just before the previews started. Everyone understood that the computer needed to be rebooted. Most children have no idea what a reel of film is. Unfortunately, an inattentive operator dropped us into the middle of a Warcraft battle: totally inappropriate for an audience populated with many pre-kindergarteners. The theater compensated each with a complimentary pass.

The short “Piper” was a visual joy to watch.

So, take your children, grandchildren, or date and go.