Convincing Ourselves the Real is the Ideal


ISTOCK image in WSJ

Hopeful science thought for the New Year (from Dr. Helen Fisher on via the WSJ):

“Natural selection [favors] those who responded negatively to the one malevolent intruder, rather than positively to myriad friendly guests.”

But, “happily-in-love long-term partners [overlook] the negative to focus on the positive aspects of their marital relationships—… ‘positive illusions.’ … We humans are able to convince ourselves that the real is the ideal.”

“The neural roots of tolerance, mercy and pardon may live deep in the human psyche.”

Happy New Year, especially you who survived and thrived in long-term, loving relationships.

A Neighbor to Come Home

Exchanging five detainees from Gitmo for one American in Afghanistan is a good deal. After all, Bowe Bergdahl isn’t just one of our soldiers; he’s our neighbor. We should love and sacrifice for our neighbor. image

Yes, those being released may someday threaten other Americans, but life is full of risks.

Freeing Bergdahl is a certainty. Not only do we probably save his life, we also diminish the anguish of his family and friends. And Continue reading