Book Review: Irona 700 by Dave Duncan (three stars)

Book Review: Irona 700 by Dave Duncan (three stars)

There were more hints and clues floating around this conversation than gulls around a fishing port. 

A stand-alone fantasy by one of the twentieth century’s master of fantasy series. Chronicles the life and times of the titular character. World building draws from this world’s seafaring nations.

“The secret is to choose the course of action that does the least amount of harm.” 

While everything Irona touches turns to gold in politics, her personal life is marked by feet of clay and an intractable son. Adds depth to an otherwise too easy conflict resolution.

“Sometimes I think you’re crazy.” She sighed. “Most times I know I am.” 

Unfortunately, even though Duncan writes believable female characters he edges toward treating them—and having them treat themselves—as sexual commodities. Cost him a star.

“Chaos is our ally and our reward.”