Book Review: The Last Graduate by Naomi Novik (three stars)

Book Review: The Last Graduate (Scholomancy #2) by Naomi Novik (three stars)

To offer sanctuary and protection to all the wise-gifted children of the world. 

Novik develops her not-Hogwarts as she examines the senior year of Galadriel and friends. Lots of overlap from previous story, presumably for first time readers. (If you haven’t, read The Scholomancy first.) Sufficient foreshadowing and deception to keep the reader engaged.

Or was I just being a stupid wanker who thought she was too good to look people in the face while I killed them? 

Not appropriate for target audience, which I assume to be teen Harry Potter fans. Not bad, not insulting, but insensitive.

“I wasn’t planning to go anywhere.” “That just means you didn’t have a plan, not that you weren’t going. 

Obviously going to be another tale. Doubt if I’ll read it.

I could never afford to look past survival, especially not for anything as insanely expensive and useless as happiness, and I don’t believe in it anyway.