Book Review: The Red Magician by Lisa Goldstein (Four Stars)


Book Review: The Red Magician by Lisa Goldstein

Four Stars out of Five.

“No one deserves their life. It is a gift, given to all.”

Reading the blurb a reader might think this book was another Jews and the Holocaust story, albeit with a fantastic twist. A casual reading of the opening chapters suggests it’s more about magic, Kabballah and Jewish folklore, but in fact it strikes me as a meditation on the relationship of superstition and religion with those others playing out in the foreground.

“He who saves a life, it is as though he saved the entire world.”

The precise reader may stumble over the fluid geography, language and history, but the author assures us of its antecedents. Regardless, Goldstein takes us to the intersection of history and mystery. Where what you believe may be more important than what is real. Simultaneously a disturbing and an affirming story. Good job.

“Touched by magic.”