“Between the Devil and the Deep Sea”

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“Between the Devil and the Deep Sea”*

Americans must decide, do we want a president who is crazy or corrupt?

Those who tout Trump’s business acumen and frankness ignore his sleaze. Those who tout Clinton’s resume and experience ignore her chronic lying.

Partisans of each side recognize the mote in the other’s eye but overlook the plank in the eye of their candidate.

And both candidates will raise your taxes … even you who don’t think you pay taxes.

* The expression dates from 1637. Western civilization is no stranger to such a dilemma.

Referendums to Dismember Ukraine

Little was said in our press until today of the Crimean “autonomy referendum.” Kherson, Mykolaev and Odessa (oblasts covering all of Ukraine’s Black Sea coast) have declared their desire to join Crimea.

You know how that election will turn out, giving Putin further justification to dismember and strangle Ukraine. Putin did the same, on a smaller scale, in Georgia six years ago. By reducing opposing states to tiny, crippled enclaves, he can just scoop them up when he chooses. Meanwhile, he makes Europe and America look as impotent as we are.

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet ports at Sevastopol in Crimea. The Russians effectively seized Crimea days ago.

All our words don’t pressure to Russia, but we honestly have little leverage.