Book Review: The Legend of Huma by Richard A. Knaak (Three Stars)

Book Review: The Legend of Huma: Heroes Book 1 by Richard A. Knaak (Three Stars)

“You are every part the knight that Bennett and his lapdogs are. More so. You’ve not lost sight of the true world.”

A Chosen One tale about a hero who doesn’t see himself as one. Well-written, if pedestrian and linear. No matter how big the obstacle or opponent, the hero muddles through.

“I was lucky.” “Luck is a skill. Were you to live much longer, you might learn that.”

Refreshing to read epic fantasy which takes itself seriously. Owes a lot to Tolkien. The only surprise is telegraphed so vividly that only Huma doesn’t know.

“My head tells me that you are wrong, but my heart listens to you. I think, in this matter, I will go with my heart, for that is where belief begins.”

Not familiar with Dragonlance universe, but I suspect this is an origin tale added later. It has a filling-in-the-blanks feel. Not bad, just not original.

“You understand honor. We say—say ‘Est Sularis Oth Mithas’ in the old tongue. ‘My Honor is My Life.’

Book Review: Waking the Fire by Anthony Ryan (Four Stars)


Book Review: Waking the Fire (The Draconis Memoria #1) by Anthony Ryan

Four Stars

“Overreliance on your ingrained gifts can be deadly.”

Steampunk with dragons! What fun. Excellent world and character building. Enough double-crossing (of the reader) to keep our attention. Literary, musical, costume and historical references gives depth to various cultures. Excellent storytelling.

“… like all choices it involves consequences.”

Quibbles: The principal river of the focus continent has two outlets and seems to flow uphill. Glorifying smoking? How quaint. (Odd that this culture had not developed blood-augments flying/floating machines.)

“The great commander is nothing more than a pig fat on the blood of wasted youth.”

Even though the climax was what the reader comes to expect, it seems contrived. Too obviously a setup for the next book, rather than the logical end to this one.

“Overconfidence is frequently fatal.”