Firing Doesn’t Fix VA Fiasco

Eric Shinseki’s resignation/firing doesn’t fix the Veterans Administration’s problems.

A friend in Colorado Springs was an Army Ranger exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. (If we tell you where he was operating, we have to kill you.) Agent Orange was a unique health issue. He can’t go to a regular doctor (even if he could afford to). Many veterans’ health issues are similarly unique and complex. He has suffered all the reported appointment problems, added to the logistical issue of the “local” VA hospital being fifty miles away in Denver.

A systemic, totally unacceptable lack of integrity,” as Shinseki admitted, isn’t cured by firing two people.

If we aren’t caring for the people who put their lives on the line to protect and defend us–local police, fire and EMTs as well as the military services–all our talk about integrity and responsibility is just that–talk.