“The Raven Chides Blackness”

From a certain point of view snipers are cowards, but so are pilots flying drones from across the world, the president sitting in the Oval Office making life and death decisions with a flick of his pen, or Hollywood moguls who distort reality to sell their viewpoint.

Every day people make decisions who are intentionally far removed from the consequences of those decisions. Or they hide behind their office, rank, status, class, race, party or wealth.

People who wear fur or leather or eat meat but don’t slaughter the animals are cowards. And folks who eat king crab but don’t brave the icy seas to catch them. Or hide in the ballot box electing racist, sexist, ego-maniacal, right- or left-wing, progressive or libertarian idiots. Or buy trees in Brazil to “offset” the carbon their lifestyle spews into the atmosphere. Or fly the flag or wear a cross or crescent or star or arm band or mask and think they’ve made a statement, which offsets their cowardice. Or re-send emails to their like-minded friends as if they were taking some kind of stand.

Have I missed anyone? Think about it, something you do every day is cowardly from someone’s perspective.

“The raven chides blackness” Shakespeare

Welcome to twenty-first century hypocrisy.