Book Review: Ike and McCarthy by David A. Nichols (Five Stars)


Book Review: Ike and McCarthy: Dwight Eisenhower’s secret campaign against Joseph McCarthy by David A. Nichols

Five Stars

“Always take your job seriously, never yourself.” DDE

This is what history is supposed to be. Minutely researched, but cogently told. Facts clearly delineated from opinion. Yes, Nichols has and expresses his opinions, but he does not disguise them as facts.

“We can’t defeat communism by destroying the things in which we believe.” DDE

This book is only 400 pages, not 800 like the fashionable historical biographies being peddled today. The footnotes equal a third of the text.

“Eisenhower’s penchant for camouflage contributed to the myth that he would rather play golf than pay attention to weighty matters.” Nichols

Eisenhower may have been the last progressive Republican, of the ilk of Continue reading


Being Played Like Fish

Putin is enlarging his fig leaf, calling what happened in Ukraine and “unconstitutional coup.” Of course it was; all coups are unconstitutional. As are all revolutions.

Putin hopes we’re so scared about how crazy he is, that we’ll roll over and give him what he wants: leaving us thinking we’ve put the genie back in the bottle. No, we’ll just be feeding his ego, where he’s most dangerous. He has the hook set, and now he’s placing us like a trout.

Like Germany in the 1930s, Russia can get a lot of domestic traction out of saying they were betrayed in the previous war and it’ll be better this time. Putin would happily restart the Cold War. Russia (the Soviet Union) wasn’t loved, but they were feared. Machiavelli wrote, best to be both; but ,if you can’t, choose to be feared.

Obama, Merkel, Hollande, et al. are completely outclassed. They’re politicians, so they do what politicians do: talk and bargain. We need a leader. A Reagan, or better a Churchill. Remember: both those men were attacked as fools and warmongers even as they were facing down (or defeating) the despots of their day. Yes, they got some domestic politics wrong, but they were spot on about the bad guys.

“It is a contemptible thing for a great nation to render itself impotent in international action, whether because of cowardice or sloth, or sheer inability or unwillingness to look into the future.” Theodore Roosevelt

Look at Putin; think Hitler. Or Stalin.