Book Review: “Hero of Rome” by Douglas Jackson (3 Stars)

HeroBook Review: Hero of Rome by Douglas Jackson

(three stars out of five)

Excellent historical fiction. Well told tale of impossible love and conflicting intentions amid almost irreconcilable cultural differences.

Amazing how many Roman tribunes wandered first century Britain, falling in love with native girls. This is the second similarly themed book I’ve read this year. What makes this trend even more interesting is that it ignores a real tribune, who Continue reading


Putin on Russian Exceptionalism

An essay by Leon Aron in Wall Street Journal: “Why Putin Says Russia Is Exceptional: Such claims have often heralded aggression abroad and harsh crackdowns at home” makes thought-provoking reading. If we don’t understand how others think, we can hardly hope to deal with them effectively.

On one thing I agree with Putin, Russia is a unique civilization, apart from Europe. So are we, Britain, Canada and lots of others. Russia, like Britain, is figuratively as well as literally on a pole of Europe, sharing some aspects, differing in others. Treating Russia like another France is a mistake.

Still, resurgent nationalism, such as Putin seems to be fanning in Russia, may threaten to world peace. Especially when neighbors with delusions of grandeur bump.