Book Review: Molly by Colin Butcher (Four Stars)

Book Review: Molly: The True Story of an Amazing D Who Rescues Cats by Colin Butcher (Four Stars)

“An animal’s love, trust and loyalty aren’t given freely or easily. They have to be earned.”

A story of a man and idea and the extraordinary working cocker spaniel who brought it to life—even as he saved hers. By and for pet lovers, but others may be entertained and have their hearts warmed.

“What, you mean like Ace Ventura?”

Scattered with enough English-isms and pop jargon, to give a sense of time and place (early twenty-first century Surrey), but accessible to even American readers. In fact, it borders on quaint, as if Butcher is reaching for a James Herriot vibe.

“I know that there are some people out there who think I’m over-reacting, and who’ll say, ‘It’s only a dog.’ But they tend not to be pet owners. They think unconditional love is reserved for humans. They just don’t understand.”

Excellent story; middling writing. Butcher’s writing is a bit on-the-nose—meaning, he explains minutely as if he doesn’t think the reader understands or remembers what he explained in the previous chapter. Lots of repetitive pet rescue stories. Of course, dedicated readers will wish for more.

“This whole experience has been so traumatic, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, but it’s given me the biggest life lesson. Never give up. And never, ever lose hope.”