Book Review: Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson (Three Stars)

Book Review: Bands of Mourning (Mistborn #6) by Brandon Sanderson

Three Stars

“Do what you do best … breaking things with style.”

Uh-oh. Sanderson has gone Robert Jordan on us. Not a compliment. Subplots, politics, new object in each story. Everything but ninja … and almost that. Esoteria for the sake of esoteria. Aliens from the other side of the world. He comes by it honestly, of course, but the Jordan formula rears its ugly head often in this otherwise entertaining novel.

“A man wantin’ something doesn’t make it true.”

The mist-born technology is becoming a one-trick pony. Allomancy, feruchemy, hemo- … yawn. As it becomes more subtle and imaginative, it becomes less comprehensible and more like … magic.

“In my experience, marryin’ is the one thing people seem to get worse at the more they do it. Well, that and being alive.”

Someone must have asked for more Wayne. Okay, they’re happy. Now kill him.

“Murdering is very traditional. It goes all the way back.”

Quibbles: Wax left Vindicator at the mansion door, then several chapters and hundreds of miles later he later has it again. And he flew out of the party. Why not just attach their private car to the freight train?

“Love is always a foolish emotion. That’s what makes it work.”

Why not two stars? Because Sanderson tells his story so much better than Jordan. Has Sanderson committed to so many project that he can no longer give his best in each? Hope not.

“Is life ever fair?” “It has been to me. More than fair, I reckon. Considering what I deserve.”