Movie Review: The Good Dinosaur by Disney/Pixar (Five Stars)

Movie Review: The Good Dinosaur by Disney/Pixar

Five Stars out of Five

A speculative fiction based on the Chicxulub impactor missing the earth, therefore not killing the dinosaur 65 million years ago. In this tale the dinosaurs are the intelligent (some more than others) creatures, and the emerging cave men are language-challenged “critters.”

Good story, fantastic rendering of the background. The Yellowstone/Teton area obviously inspired the setting. The moving water and clouds are rendered better than photo-realistic. (The latter reminiscent of N. C. Wyeth’s best.)

Though apparently aimed at children and rated PG, the violence level shocked some of the little ones in the showing we attended. we heard screams and crying following some of the death and dismemberment scenes.

Poor John Ratzenberger. Included once as Pixar’s lucky charm; he’s reduced again to a character with the least lines.