Book Review: Sword Bearer by Teddy Jacobs (Two Stars)

Book Review: Sword Bearer by Teddy Jacobs

Two Stars out of Five

While reading this short (125 page) fantasy novel, I debated whether it deserved three stars or four. Then it stopped. It didn’t finished (it’s the first of a series); it didn’t conclude; it just stopped. I really dislike that. Give the reader some sort of closure. Yes, set hooks for the series if you must, but give the reader some satisfaction for having read this book.

Interesting blend of Harry Potter and LOTR set in a medieval Europe analog. Likeable, clueless hero, who says magic words, sings magic songs, does the right things at the right time. Unerringly and usually un-coached. Boring.

Pleasant style. Clean text. Shows talent. Jacobs will get better.

“Okay” at best.