Movie Review: Ready Player One, produced and directed by Steven Spielberg (Five Stars)


Movie Review: Ready Player One, produced and directed by Steven Spielberg.

(Five Stars)

“Maybe we should stop talking about it and start showing it. If you all want to reach under your seats, you’ll find there’s nothing there.”

Spielberg hasn’t lost his touch. Great fun; better than the book. A trip down memory lane for people of a certain age, a smash up of many pop culture references for others, and a heart-warming team action adventure for others. Lots of video images, violence and unreality because it’s about a virtual reality world.

“She wanted to go dancing, so we watched a movie.”

The inventor of the fictional Oasis mass multiplayer universe may be Continue reading

Crabby Mike’s Calabash Seafood

01crabbyCrabby Mike’s Calabash Seafood in Surfside Beach, SC

Omigoodness. One of the best seafood buffets I’ve eaten at … ever.

The price varies (presumably with season and availability), but less than $30 for all the really good seafood you can eat is a bargain. Remember, you’re at the beach everything costs double from home, unless home is New York City.

Tip #1. Check with your local lodging. They may have discount coupons. A couple bucks off a piece adds up if you are with a crowd. Or check Crabby Mike’s website for discount coupons.

Tip #2. Don’t eat that day … at all. Come before 5 PM if you can, but you won’t beat the rush. Parking can be a trick. Expect to wait. Folks know Continue reading