Reading in 2014

For the few of you who care, I read 180 new titles in 2014. That number includes a few short stories but not books I quit or books that I read multiple times (of which there were several).

I posted reviews of most on, and of notable books here. I don’t post books that I quit after a few pages, but do review books that I invest fifty or a hundred pages in before abandoning. Those reviews are only on

Saw twice as many movies in December (two) than I normally see in six months. Don’t watch TV either. That’s how I can read so much. Or maybe it’s vice versa: reading crowds out TV and movies.

Most of my reading is on a B&N Nook, though I recently bought a used iPad and will read on it, if I can figure out how to get back into the fool thing. I also read a significant number of paper books. Just saw a report that reading physical books is better for you. (Some one has too much time or research grant dollars on their hands.)

If reading preserves our cognitive skills, I’m about pickled.