Book Review: Tread of Angels by Rebecca Roanhorse (four stars)

Book Review: Tread of Angels by Rebecca Roanhorse (four stars)

She could hear [redacted]’s warning not to trust the Virtues, that righteous men had a way of lying to themselves.

John Milton does Leadville. A mashup of medieval angels and demons with a wild west mineral boom town that works. Creative alternate history novella but lacks the verisimilitude of Roanhorse’s Navajo novels.

“Trust a man who knows his value to deny a woman hers.”

Roanhorse captures the thoughts and emotions of her point of view character with insight and sympathy, especially her monomania. Main character, driven by her self-assigned obligations, betrays everyone else to save her sister. Everyone. Theological issues add depth, not cheap thrills as in much modern literature. Excellent duplicity and irrational behavior. Invented invective works.

“Then one day, I will see you in hell,” she said, as challenge and threat and vow.