Book Review: “Cemetery in the Clouds” by Sørina Higgins (four stars)

At the turn of the twenty-seventh century, grave-robbing wasn’t what it used to be. 

Engaging short science fiction set so far into the future that what we think we know isn’t necessarily so. Good voice; good character development. Intertwined story lines set up a compelling climax.

Without an ozone layer, the cities relied on smog to keep out the unbearable sun.

Fifty years ago all SF bemoaned overpopulation (with a side of nuclear winter); today it’s wailing over climate change (with a side of post-industrial dystopia). Care to guess the “in” apocalypse of 2070?

“You’re making that up! This isn’t some totalitarian dystopia!”  He stopped, stymied. Wasn’t that exactly what it was? 


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  1. Yep, I think this is true. Where we are now isn’t good – the air, oh the air! Ugh at times.

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