Book Review: Worlds Seen in Passing, Irene Gallo, editor. (three stars)

Book Review: Worlds Seen in Passing: Ten years of Short Fiction, Irene Gallo, editor. (three stars)

“You know it’s going to be a disaster, in the end. You’re the one person on Earth who can avoid the pain, and you still go sticking fingers in the socket.”

This 2018 anthology is the usual mashup of mismatched, uneven quality we all expect from most publishers “best of” books. Quite a variety of stories—not just science fiction and fantasy. Also horror, mystery, historical fiction, and soft porn. A few really good stories among the drivel.

“The unified individual is a fallacy of traditional human philosophy. It is, in fact, the foundation of many unenlightened, old customs. 

Had to force myself back to it twice after putting it “on hold” while I read something more engaging. My favorites were the historical fiction “A Short History of the Twentieth Century.” It was worth what I paid for it, but that typical of anthologies.

It sounds good, anyway. It sounds the way one would like to have been.