Book Review: A Lot Like Christmas by Connie Willis (three stars)

Book Review: A Lot Like Christmas by Connie Willis (three stars)

“He’s an animal-rights activist. He’s not dangerous.” “That doesn’t necessarily follow,”

Hard core Willis fans will adore this collection of Christmas-related shorter stories. Your mileage may vary. Connie does distracted really well. In fact that’s what she does. Almost every story, all the time. It fits some of these short stories; others it ruins.

“Of course she can act. What do you think she was doing in here for the last hour? Mimicking emotions one doesn’t have—I believe that’s the definition of acting.”

“Newsletter” is my favorite. Quibble: “The only place in the U.S. where it’s never snowed is the Florida Keys. And Hawaii, of course.” Wrong. It snows on Mauna Kea on Hawaii. Enough to ski. Skip the introduction. Many spoilers. Do read it after you’ve read all the stories. I also liked, and occasionally violently disagreed with, her list of favorite Christmas books, movies, and stories.

“Where’d you get that?” “It was in the hotel room.” “You stole a Gideon Bible?” “They put them there for people who need them. And I’d say we qualify.”