Book Review: Artifact Space by Miles Cameron (four stars)

Book Review: Artifact Space (Arcana Imperii #1) by Miles Cameron (four stars)

‘I still don’t get it. Why us? Why me?’ ‘I’m brilliant and you’re lucky.’ ‘That makes sense,’

Almost-an-everyman hero. Makes mistakes. Believable. Artifact space itself better developed and implemented than so many SF shortcuts like wormholes, WARP drives, etc. Even a dollop of the literary. Bad guys too obvious.

‘There was a little gravity …; it was one quarter of a g, or even less, but it did make ‘down’ a reality.’ (Must be more massive than the Moon)

Quibbles: As usual science is more Star Trekkian than should be taught in high school. Numerous errors. Clearly doesn’t understand heat radiation in a vacuum. Nor mass relative to gravity. On the other hand, Cameron got some details right that many authors fumble.

‘No one knows what the f*** they do,’ he said, carefully inserting the word ‘f***’ several times in his sentences, the way the veteran spacers did.’

Abrupt ending. Obvious set up for sequels. Several significant threads not closed. Gratuitous profanity celebrated. Increases as story progresses. Too bad, wanted to give it five-stars despite my quibbles because it’s a genuinely engaging, enjoyable story. (Nice cover art.)

‘We’re all idiots. Viewed by that remorseless logic, we’re all incompetents, struggling to fake competence. Lighten up. You’re working too hard.’