Book Review: The Escapement by J. K. Parker (three stars)

Book Review: The Escapement (Engineer Trilogy #3) by J. K. Parker (three stars)

“That’s the trouble with books,” he added bitterly. “There’s no way of knowing whether what’s in them is valuable practical advice or just someone’s flight of fancy.”

Formulaic. It’s a good formula, but #3 reads much like #1 and #2 with the scope and stakes raised, of course. Disappointing, illogical conclusion cost Parker a star.

“I’ve learned two important things so far. First, you can’t be hit if you aren’t there. Second, if someone’s close enough to hurt you, he’s close enough to be hurt back.

Many characters hide behind the cop out that they have no choice but to act or not is a choice. Unsatisfying female characters. I like when authors include their title in the story, but Parker beats it to death.

‘He told himself, a lie will be good enough, because I love her, because I have no choice.’