Book Review: Age of Ash (Kithamar #1) by Daniel Abraham (three stars)

Book Review: Age of Ash (Kithamar #1) by Daniel Abraham (three stars)

“It was as if she’d known all along that the dream was only a dream, and that someday she’d have to wake up. The only difference between then and now was that the day had come.” 

Well-written quasi-Medieval fantasy with strong female characters. Believable inner voice of friends who become adversaries as they try to figure out who they are and how they fit.

The sunlight felt weak, strained through the clouds like milk through cheesecloth. 

Plot involves many well-handled handoffs between point of view characters. Occasional, mild humor. Excessive and gratuitous profanity.

She felt something loosen in her chest. Relief flowed into her, so profound it could have been sorrow. 


1 thought on “Book Review: Age of Ash (Kithamar #1) by Daniel Abraham (three stars)

  1. Co-author of The Expanse is a pretty good credential.

    But I am so tired of gratuitous profanity, especially when it takes the Lord’s name in vain – a huge sign of lack of creativity AND sensitivity in the writers. Yes, characters swear – but do you really want that published with your name on it (or filmed) for the ages? The shock value was lost long ago. Grow up.

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