Book Review: Servant Mage by Kate Elliott (three stars)

Book Review: Servant Mage by Kate Elliott (three stars)

As Grandmother often said, What you believe you know of another’s thoughts is generally just your own hanging in front of you.

Decent story. Well-developed characters in a believable medieval fantasy world. Uncertainty is a believable response to Fellian’s situation. Nice cover art.

the bird fluttered down to perch there. It had a fierce gaze, a toothy beak, and three legs.

Quibbles: Three legged birds. No. Just no. Gratuitous profanity.

“F*** off, you old swine,”

Like so many series openers, Mage merely sets up the rest of the series. Lots of hooks into the second book, but little incentive to read them. But wait. This isn’t a series opener. Yet. Elliott has done better. And worse.

Pain burst in her chest like the cracking of her sternum punched from the inside with sheer, utter, unstoppable, unbearable emotion.