Life Dust by Pam Webber (five stars)

Life Dust by Pam Webber

Amazing tale of second chances. The protagonist, Nettie (and her now-fiancé Andy) from The Wiregrass and Moon Water, matures and faces new challenges personally and professionally in the early 1970s. Dickens would have been proud.

Since Webber is a nurse, we assume she got the nuances of nursing student life right. Vietnam veterans will recognize she got enough of the situation on the ground in Vietnam’s I Corps in 1971-72 right that she must have consulted those who had been there.

Overtly Christian. Optimistic. Not overtly political, though hospital and military life is awash with internal politics. All of which will offend some readers. Those who stick with the story will be rewarded.

As true for her previous books, Webber does not dwell on race though several characters are people of color.

(Full disclosure: I was a beta reader of this novel in 2021. My review is based on my impression of the draft I read. I suspect the finished product will be even better.)

2 thoughts on “Life Dust by Pam Webber (five stars)

  1. Yes, a good read. I read this interesting book a while back. Looking forward to the published book!

  2. Must be out now/soon because Pam asked where my review was. I thought I’d posted this months ago. Loved this book.

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