Book Review: The Emperor’s Wolves) by Michelle Sagara (four stars)

Book Review: The Emperor’s Wolves (Wolves of Elantra #1) by Michelle Sagara (four stars)

“How long have you harbored suspicions?” “I am by natural inclination suspicious. It saves both time and—in mortal terms—heartache.”

Multi-species fantasy in a proto-Asian medieval empire. With a dragon emperor, immortals, and magic what could go wrong? Much verbal and psychological sparring. Intensely introspective. No action per se.

“This is like magic.” “It’s not like magic. It is magic. And no, I have no idea how the magic works.”

Deeply immersive of point-of-view characters, but POV changes are seldom defined. In fact, the whole thing is dialogue and stage directions. Descriptions of setting, character, and action are so minimal as to not exist. The only clue of Asian-ness is the cover art by Shane Rebenschied.

“Hope is perilous. We take risks because we have hope. We extend ourselves. We fail to understand too much because we look only to a bright, shining future, a place different from the one we now occupy.”

Well done but not everyone’s cup of tea.

“Some losses are far worse than the fear of simple death.” “Until one is in the jaws of that death.” “Until then.”