Book Review: By the Sword by Mercedes Lackey (four stars)

Book Review: By the Sword (Kerowyn’s Tale) (Heralds of Valdemar #4) by Mercedes Lackey (four stars)

‘What if they tell me to go back? What if they don’t want me? What if—’
“What kept you?” 

3.5 stars. Cute, but formulaic. Great, if you like Lackey’s Valdemar series formula, like many of us. Kerowyn suffers many reverses, but the reader never feels her threatened. Good inner dialogue.

‘From there his tirade went into extreme sexual and scatological detail as to the habits and probable ancestry of his charges. Kero leaned … listening in astonished admiration. His language was colorful, original, and quite entertaining.’ 

Excellent handling of cursing and sex, which shouldn’t be notable but is because so many contemporary writers confuse graphic with realistic.

‘She led her mare into the copse, right up to the water-side, and tethered her in a tiny clearing right next to the creek.’ 

Rough. Reads like a first draft. Many grammatical, typographic, and proofreading errors. Some may be attributed to OCR conversion to digital text. ‘door was halfway ajar’, ‘You take to much on yourself, it doesn’t interfere. So far it hasn‘r.’

“Deciding that someone’s serious just because they’ve had a bloody song written about them is a pretty poor way to make judgment calls, if you ask me.” 

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