Book Review: Sword of Kings by Bernard Cornwell (three stars)

Book Review: Sword of Kings (The Last Kingdom #12) by Bernard Cornwell (three stars)

“War seemed cleaner then.” “No, we were younger then, that’s all.” 

A competent addition to Cornwell’s lengthy historical fiction about transforming Wessex into England. Good, clean Dark Ages fun. New readers advised to start at The Last Kingdom.

“Why would I kill them?” I asked.
“They’re enemies.”
“They’re helpless enemies,” I said, “and I don’t kill the helpless.”
“And what about the priests you killed?”
I wanted to kill [him] at that moment. “Anger leads to savagery and to stupidity.” 

Honestly, disappointing. Formulaic. Poor Uhtred has outlived his friends and his enemies, but not his usefulness. Uber bad guy manipulated by evil superiors. Everything that can go wrong does, until it doesn’t. (One to go: War Lord)

Wars are not only won on the battlefield, but in the practice yard of fortresses.