Book Review: Tomorrow’s Kin by Nancy Kress (three stars)

Book Review: Tomorrow’s Kin (Yesterday’s Kin Trilogy #1) by Nancy Kress (three stars)

“We’ve never discussed it. I’m a scientist, after all.” “You’re an American. Leave nothing unsaid that can be shouted from rooftops.” 

Timely. Published in 2017, Kin seems prescient toward the fallout of the world’s current pandemic. And many of the same reactions.

“You replaced evolution of the fittest with evolution of the most cooperative,” Marianne said, and thought: There goes Dawkins. “You may say that.” 

On the nose storytelling. Telegraph’s many of her better lines. Diminishing their impact. Gratuitous profanity. Nice cover art.

“The farther one gets from New York, the more the conspiracy theorists don’t even believe there are aliens on Earth at all.”