Book Review: Whitsunday: Visitation by Shirley McKay (four stars)

Book Review: Whitsunday: Visitation (1588: Calendar of Crime #2) by Shirley McKay (four stars)

“For reputation, though tis hard to win, is very quickly lost.”

Though the series hero, Hew Cullan is more an observer than an actor in this novelette of Elizabethan mystery set in St. Andrews, Scotland. The usual misdirection and confusion combine with a nod toward popular superstitions of that day. Especially entertaining is the conclusion matching an actual record of just such a visitation.

“Or is it, in fact, that you believe old Sempill is wanting in his wits? That because I profess myself so frequently perplexed, I do not understand the working of the world? You are not the first to come to that conclusion. But it is a mistake.”