Book Review: Finna by Nino Cipri (Three Stars)

Book Review: Finna (LitenVerse #1) by Nino Cipri (Three Stars)

“Hopefully the next universe won’t try to kill us.” “You’ve cursed us now.” “Probably.”

Successful romp through several universes seeking a lost person, who might be the protagonists. Well-crafted and satisfying conclusion. Some humor.

“What’s holding you back?” “You mean besides the monsters that nearly ate us?” “Every world has its monsters. I’ve been watching the news, and yours is no exception. What’s the real reason?”

This book demonstrates how “they-them-their” is an inferior pronoun set to “Xe-xem-xer” (or whatever). Constantly throws the reader out of the story stopping to determine whether the author is writing about multiple people or using plural pronouns for a single person.

“The heart was a stupid, hurting animal, and her heart was stupider than most.”

(2021 Hugo Awards novella finalist)