Book Review: Diplomatic Immunity by Lois McMaster Bujold (four stars)

Book Review: Diplomatic Immunity (Vorkosigan Saga #13) by Lois McMaster Bujold (four stars)

“Miles, have you ever heard of the concept of a search warrant?” “Dear Bel, how fussy you have grown in your old age. This is a Barrayaran ship, and I am Gregor’s Voice. I don’t ask for search warrants, I issue them.”

Bujold follows a maturing, married Miles into a typical crisis: impelled to act on what he knows is too little information. His bride complements his leaps of insight with poise and diplomacy.

Whatever her buried Barrayaran reflexes were regarding visible mutations, they would be trumped by her iron grip on good manners.

Bujold writes captivating fiction, even in this endless series of improbably space operas. She respects her readers intelligence and their erudition. Good plot formation; literary allusions abound; profanity suggested rather than explicit; circumspect data dumps; and rousing fun.

“Are we heroes here today, or the greatest traitors unhung?”

Thought I’d read all the Vorkosigan stories years ago. Fun to find one I missed.

“I have a kind of gift for timing, you see.” “And for doubletalk.” “That, too.”