Book Review: Planetside by Michael Mammay (Four Stars)

Book Review: Planetside (Planetside #1) by Michael Mammay (Four Stars)

“It might have been my imagination. My brain does funny things when my own people try to kill me in an ambush.”

Military science fiction with an undercurrent of humor. War isn’t funny, but an old colonel’s take on how and why one fights are laced with realistic irony. Certainly, everything is not what it seems. Reflections on authority and responsibility.

“It’s one of my skill sets, Lex. I can’t really explain it. I fill my brain with stuff, and expect that it will pop back out when it matters.”

Sent to investigate a strange disappearance of a politically-sensitive soldier, the protagonist discovers much isn’t quite right at the front. Character development and plotting are focused on the insights of one who has “been there; done that.” Well done.

“Thanks, sir. For everything.” “Don’t mention it. I got you blown up. I owe you.”

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