Book Review: Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold (Four Stars)

Book Review: Cryoburn (Vorkosigan Saga #14) by Lois McMaster Bujold (Four Stars)

“Let me tell you, young man-the dirty little secret of democracy is that just because you get a vote, doesn’t mean you get your choice.”

Bujold is a master storyteller. Her Vorkosigan tales are classic escapist science fiction. Fun, with dashes of humor and snarkiness. Good reads all. Even this deep into the series, characters grow and change dragging the reader along on their hectic life tales.

“My case budget allows for a lot of discretion, you know.” “Then I wish you’d buy some,” snapped [redacted]. He shut his mouth abruptly, as if startled at what had fallen out of it.

Original 2010 review: Cute, improbable, fun, exhausting–typical Miles tale.

“You’re pretty free with that thing.” “It’s all right. I have a license to stun.” “I thought that was supposed to be a license to kill.” [Redacted] grimaced. “That, too. But you would not believe all the forms that have to be filled out, afterward.”