Book Review: Be Still My Soul by Elisabeth Elliot (Five Stars)

Book Review: Be Still My Soul: Reflections on Living the Christian Life by Elisabeth Elliot (Five Stars)

On our own strength, we are not going to get beyond our natural emotions. But God wants to transform (yes, He really does!) every aspect of our inward selves to bring our wills and feelings under the control of His lordship.

A study in transformation, this book is best read slowly. Perhaps a chapter or a section a day. Well written. Elliot shares little of her extraordinary life because that’s documented elsewhere; here she shares transforming love and obedience. Yes, she writes a lot about suffering.

The deepest spiritual lesson come comes through suffering. It takes the deep water and the hot fire and the dark valley to teach us the walk of faith.

Writing expressly for Christians, Elliot offers wisdom for all. The gleanings of a life well, but painfully lived. Elliot shares her heart, not get-rich or get-sanctimonious quickly formulae.

Our response is what matters. A quiet heart is content with what God gives. It is enough. All is grace.