Book Review: Dawnshard by Brandon Sanderson (Four Stars)

Book Review: Dawnshard (Stormlight Archive #3.5) by Brandon Sanderson (Four Stars)

“The sea was a strange mistress indeed. Open. Welcoming. Inviting. Sometimes a little too much so.”

Fantasy fiction set in the world of Sanderson’s Jordanian Stormlight Archives. A good, self-contained tale. Good character development and conflict and unusually appropriate denouement.

“But don’t tell anyone else. It’s politics. The annoying kind.” “There’s another kind?”

Independent of the greater Stormlight series, this fantasy assumes a lot of background is known by the reader but still provides a cogent story and well-developed characters. Readers of the greater corpus will probably enjoy this more.

“Being betrayed by someone you trust is painful beyond explanation,” Rysn whispered. “But that is never a reason to pretend it can’t happen.”

My friends know my dislike for sprawling, disjointed ramblings like Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time and Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives. The difference is that Sanderson is a much better writer.

“Sometimes you need to accept what you’ve lost, then move forward. Then you can instead realize what you’ve gained.”

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  1. Thanks for differentiating writers. Don’t read much epic fantasy. Sanderson sounds good.

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