Book Review: Servants & Spies by Mike Kastle (Three Stars)

Book Review: Servants & Spies: Exploits from the Covert Mission Field by Mike Kastle (Three Stars)

“Most things we accomplish in the Kingdom of God are like that. We almost never know the result from the onset. In fact, the result is usually not what we had initially envisioned when we started.”

Very few actual exploits. Kastle (a pseudonym) follows an attention getting tale which goes nowhere with forty pages of introduction. A lot of telling what he’s going to tell, telling it, then telling what he has told. The little that’s new is good but would hardly fill more than a pamphlet.

“It was like solving a mystery by reading a book backwards, seeing the outcome, and then reviewing and seeing how it all came together. That is, because His work had begun before I knew it.”

Even Christians will find the text dense and slow reading. Non-Christians will be bored and bewildered. Kastle never quotes one Bible verse when three are available. Half the text is sermons about Christian life and missions. Less than a third relates Kastle’s life, ministry or missions. Lots of repetition. He tends to build the clock to tell the time. Over and over. Needs editing.

“The battle is the Lord’s, but it is a battle. The war is won, but it still must be fought before we experience the victory that He has already won.”