Book Review: Admiral Who? by Luke Sky Wachter (Three Stars)

Book Review: Admiral Who? (Spineward Sectors #1) by Luke Sky Wachter (Three Stars)

“’I wouldn’t even trust myself with command of a garbage scow!’ I caught myself just short of completely losing my composure, realizing I had arrived rather abruptly at the end of my wits.”

A fun, almost mindless space opera with more than a nod to the Vorkosigan sagas of Lois McMaster Bujold. Not particularly well-written so much as well intended.

“Up until this moment everything had felt like a role I was playing, a game, albeit one with deadly results, but for all of that still just a game. But now people had died and I was responsible. Thousands had lived that wouldn’t otherwise, and I was responsible for that too.”

Fast paced and ill-starred. Whatever can go wrong does and at the worst time, yet young Admiral Montagne always lands on his feet, even though he wakes up an uncomfortable number of times in the medical bay not knowing how he got there.

“… waiting for a chance to meet and greet their new Admiral. ‘If I may,’ I said, and moved to the assembled crew waiting to greet their new Admiral.”

Needed another edit. Many minor errors on tense, person and point of view.

“Cousin Cordelia’s other lesson …”  

Cordelia was Miles Vorkosigan’s redoubtable mother. Did Wachter embed an homage to Bujold’s sagas?

“If I was going to dress like a fool and look like a mutant, I might as well play the part to the hilt.”