Book Review: King’s Dragon (Crown of Stars, #1) by Kate Elliott (Three Stars)

King’s Dragon (Crown of Stars, #1) by Kate Elliott (Three Stars)

“Face your weakness and it can become your strength.”

Engaging opening to what promises to be an epic saga. Elliott does lots of world and character building, mostly without being obvious. A slow start.

“It is not my part in life to involve myself with the worldly disputes that tempt those who have been seduced by the glamour of earthly power and pleasures.” “Then why are you here?” “I was summoned against my will.”

Because there are so many “main” characters, the opening chapters are disjointed and confusing. If the reader is going straight through, it’s not so bad.

“Make no marriage. Be bound, as I am, by the fate others have determined for you. That way you will remain safe.” But he mocked himself as much as he spoke to her. “Will I remain safe? And from what? What are you safe from?”

Much of the politics, religion, and economics is modeled on recognizable medieval Europe. Elliott offers appendices at the back which help identify the analogous terms to our world as well as a list of characters. Military, clerical, and slave relationships are authentic, if cleaned up.

“I am still a slave, because I fear him.”

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  1. Most book covers for fantasy, sci-fi and romance don’t grab me, they look cheesy, overdone and colors are lurid, not great. But this cover is a good one! Sounds like a good set up for more books to come. Thanks.

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