Book Review: The Viscount and the Witch by Michael J. Sullivan (Four Stars)


Book Review: The Viscount and the Witch (Riyria Chronicles, #1.5) by Michael J. Sullivan

(Four Stars)

“Don’t mind him; he was raised by wolves.”

Sullivan at his best. Has vitality of The Crown Conspiracy without the silliness of later books. The relationship between the protagonists is part of the fun, and it’s displayed here in its quintessence.

“Royce was no longer behind him. He often disappeared at times like this. Being more adept at stealth, Royce enjoyed using Hadrian for the noisy distraction he was.”

I’m embarrassed to claim a “book” read for a short story of less than thirty pages. Still, it’s a fun read and the price was right. (Free) May motivate you to read more of the series, which was the whole idea, right?

“You can stay here and die or work for us, and if you work for us, you work sober.” Albert rubbed his bristly chin. “That really should be an easy choice, shouldn’t it?”

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  1. I’m trying to decide when is the best time to release the short-story prequel for my Pride’s Children trilogy – now, with a campaign to get more readers for PURGATORY, or when I finish and publish NETHERWORLD, which is still months away.

    It’s good to see a review for a short story – and it sound like a good one.

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